Taxi Centrale ELTAX is the most sustainable taxi of Leiden

We are the oldest (since 1933) and most sustainable taxi center in Leiden. As the only taxi company in Leiden we have four Tesla's that we use for our taxis. No CO2, no nitrogen and no soot, so our taxis are the best for air quality.

We are happy to be of service and always have an eye for the human dimension.Do what the Leiden dweller does. 

Taxi in Leiden? Eltax.

Taxi and CoronA

it is mandatory to wear a face mask in a taxi from 1 july 2020. you must also reserve the taxi. we are obligated to ask you some health questions and write down your details in case the virus shows up. we urge you to book your taxi online. Of course we don´t share your data with any third party except, if necessaire, with the gouvernment.

we are allowed to use every seat again (maximum 8 passengers).

Free face mask comes with your tesla schipholtaxi (mandatory at Schiphol airport)

15% discount on your taxi to a hospital.

If you are probably infected by the Corona virus, we cannot transport you. Not even to the Coronapoli. After all, we are not provided with protective clothing.

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History of Taxi Centrale ELTAX

Taxi Centrale ELTAX is the first taxi company in Leiden, founded by the van Ulden brothers in 1933. Since then, of course, the company has not stood still, with the cherry on the cake being its own street name, namely the Eltaxhof in Leiden. What other taxi company can say that!


As you may know, we have been the only taxi center in Leiden since 2016, using the electric Tesla as our taxi. We now have four Teslas in our fleet. In this way we are already working on a more sustainable future.

Our first Tesla in 2016

Always with the boss himself in the car

As the only taxi company in Leiden, Taxi Centrale ELTAX is a central hub of cooperating entrepreneurs. This makes us very service-oriented and responsive to our customers.

Customer communications

Taxi Centrale ELTAX uses links with which you can see our taxi coming. But we also call, send text and Whatsapp with you to make the journey as smooth as possible. This makes us very transparent, because you can easily know our arrival time.

The services that Taxi Centrale ELTAX provides

These are some of our services:

  • Schiphol service

  • Fixed online prices

  • Business transport for companies, also by invoice

  • Tesla as a wedding car

  • WMO (Social Support Act) transport

  • Patient transport (if your health insurance policy allows)

  • Out-of-school care, with three of our drivers owning a special VOG (Certificate of Conduct) for transporting minors

Working together

Working together is in our genes. That is why we also collaborate with companies such as Taxi de Groot, Taxi Wielkens and Taxi Brouwer (for vans for nine people up to coaches for sixty people). Everything to properly carry out your transport request. We can handle almost every transport demand in this way.

You will feel this service and friendliness in the relaxed atmosphere that we try to maintain in the car. That is why it is also important that our drivers are a bit older and wiser. With us you will not see young drivers who have just received their driving license. We stick to the maximum speeds, simply because experience has taught us that speeding hardly saves time.

Loyalty program

De Leidse Schatkamer (The Leiden Treasury) is a unique Leiden gift program from Taxi Centrale ELTAX. You save with your taxi ordered online keys with which you can open Treasure Chests in our Leiden Treasure Room.

Leidse Schatkamer

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