Taxicompany Eltax Diversity and Inclusive.

Eltax taxi company is a partnership of independent entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs all have their own background, their own identity, their own motherland and possibly their own idiosyncrasies. Of course, I could opt for uniformity when composing our network. That would mean that we make all Eltax entrepreneurs look alike. Consider origin, orientation, or the easiest form, literally having a uniform worn. I once worked this way as a taxi cab de Ambassadeur employee. All student drivers, most of them from the Augustinus student association, mostly with Dutch nationality and all in a uniform suit. Sure, it worked well for a certain customer group. Not entirely surprising that the customer group was also quite similar. But what was worse, this customer base was too small for the company. A good customer and CEO of a large British company with offices in several countries opened my eyes. He actually focused on diversity. He indicated that the more diverse the sales force, the more USP (unique selling point) an organization gets. Of course, the product itself must also be in order, but in almost all industries it is simply about awarding. Taxi center Eltax has been a diverse company from the start. Different nationalities, different backgrounds, different clothes, different gender and certainly different hairstyles :-). I like it that way too. Of course I sometimes encounter language problems, but the most important quality that a driver at the Eltax taxi center must have is that providing service and acting with a human touch as a guide is in the blood. That cannot be learned because then it becomes fake. That's what everyone often feels about American companies (obviously not all). I leave it up to them how the drivers implement this. No uniform, so no behavior either. And sometimes there is no match with a customer, then we simply try with another driver. In short, diversity and inclusion are actually unique sales characteristics for us, but are also values that are in our blood.